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I am a crunchy earthmama.

I believe in homebirthing, naturopathy, eating organic foods, breastfeeding, massage therapy, cloth diapering, being pro-choice, eating meat, non or delayed vaccinating, unassisted childbirth, that circumcision of either gender is WRONG, doulaing, agreeing to disagree, respecting others...the list goes on.

If there's anything in the list above that you CANNOT DEAL WITH, I suggest not reading this LJ. Seriously. You'll just think I'm a dirty, crazy, hippie lady and you'll want to claw your eyes out.

If you're FOR all those things OR at least have the decency to respect other people's intelligently made choices, then pull up a monitor and welcome!

Nov. 8th, 2012

Finally got our birth announcements done!!!

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Mother's Day

A bazillion people keep telling me "Isn't this GREAT - your first real mother's day!?!?!?"

It really wasn't that significant, other than everyone telling me it should be. I appreciate all the good wishes, (honest! I do!) but at the same time, I found them very pushy and aggravating. I think I have a hair-trigger reaction to people telling me what I am/should be feeling.

Mostly I just felt bad for all the people still trying to get pregnant who have to see their facebook wall, Twitter feed and really their whole world shouting at them about what hasn't happened to them yet.
While I love that people want to give me baby-stuff, I DON'T love that people are using it as an excuse to give me GARBAGE so that they don't have to go to goodwill or the dump.
(Especially when it's stuff I've specifically said I didn't want.)

That's NOT helping. That's giving a barfing pregnant lady an errand you don't want to run!

Best. Birth. EVER.

Oh "MISFITS" - you get the award for BEST TV CHILDBIRTH EVER.

I laughed so hard I literally peed.
(Seriously, if I hadn't had a blanket under me, our couch would be covered in pee.)

The actual birth is pretty good for tv - she's screaming, but they keep her in a squatting position.

But the best part is the boyfriend panicing when he sees the placenta.

Seriously, I'm still laughing. My lungs are all full of fluid from laughing and I think I pulled a muscle.

NOT SAFE FOR WORK (or anyone that isn't a birth junkie.)

Apr. 9th, 2012

Today, Seattle City Council unanimously approved an ordinance to make it illegal to ask a mother to leave or "cover up" when breastfeeding in a public place!



"Average weight gain by this point is between 5 and 13 pounds (4.5-5.8kg) but your own experience may be different."

Shyeah RIGHT!
Let's try "I've lost five pounds."

Nov. 28th, 2011

If you'd like a holiday card and I either don't have your address OR it's changed in the last year, please post your address in the screened comments OR send it to pear@brightgirl.net


The Wrong Kind of Prom

WTF People?!?!

Every doula I know has had AT LEAST one client with PROM this month, most of us have had two or three!

Waters just be breakin' all over the place.

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