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Mama Pear

11 January
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Hey all, you probably didn't come here by accident. If you're looking for my MAIN journal, it's deliciouspear. This is all things doula, parent, pregnancy, ttc and child-oriented. Eventually I'll have kid-stories and pictures etc, but as there are no children YET, there are obviously no pictures.

Why? Because I feel the need to protect myself from negativity.

I am a crunchy earthmama.

I believe in homebirthing, naturopathy, eating organic foods, breastfeeding, massage therapy, cloth diapering, being pro-choice, eating meat, non or delayed vaccinating, unassisted childbirth, doulaing, that circumcision of either gender is WRONG, agreeing to disagree, respecting others...the list goes on. I have beliefs that are closer to Shinto than anything else, but I believe that Jesus and Mohammed and Moses were all real people and if I was going on a journey by bost, I'd be praying to Njord. Basically, I believe in a little bit of everything.

If there's anything in the list above that you CANNOT DEAL WITH, I suggest not reading this LJ. Seriously. You'll just think I'm a dirty, crazy, hippie lady and you'll want to claw your eyes out.

If you're FOR all those things OR at least have the decency to respect other people's intelligently made choices, then pull up a monitor and welcome!

I'm a doula and a darn good one.

I've been a birth doula since 2002 and a postpartum doula since 2004. I got most of my training from Seattle Midwifery school and am DONA & PALS certified to be a doula and a postpartum doula. (I've also taken the assorted "when survivors of abuse give birth" classes.) I'm a certified CBE. I've done home, birth-center & hospital births. I have worked with teen mothers and women who are giving their babies up for adoption. I'm perfectly comfortable with VBACs, twins etc; I have no problems with things that are considered "high risk," even in homebirth situations. Yes, I've caught a few babies myself.

I charge on a sliding scale for both Birth and Postpartum work. I would much rather get paid less and have someone have a doula than go without because of money. Feel free to email me at doula@brightgirl.net or pass my email on to anyone who's doula-hunting. If I'm not the right match for you, then I am sure I can recommend someone who is. My doulamatch profile is HERE and my Doula/Birth website is http://www.bellyandbunting.com

I'm happy to answer any birth/pregnancy/breast-feeding/fertility questions anyone has to the best of my ability.

Many references available upon request or you can read the testimonials on either site.
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